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Coming out of the NYC underground club scene, Jonny McGovern blazed on to the internet in 2003 with his iconic gay music video “Soccer Practice” and alter ego “The Gay Pimp”.  Almost 2 decades before Lil Nas X made headlines for his homoerotic video “Call Me By Your Name”, Jonny was subverting heterosexual pop star tropes with “Soccer Practice” a song which turned straight male touchstones of of sports and “masculine” behavior into analogies for gay sex. Never before had a pop video shown the tables get turned on straight men with “gay pimp“ dominating straight jocks in the soccer field and the locker room dressed in rhinestone covered jeans and dancing through showers with drag queen cheerleaders. Before YouTube even existed “Soccer Practice“ went viral being downloaded from Jonny’s website over 5 million times, getting added to the playlists at MTV Europe and Asia and inspiring a generation of gay men to find their own power. As Jonny continued to record, make music videos and tour the world as “The Gay Pimp” he continued to break barriers. His podcast “Gay Pimpin with Jonny McGovern” started in 2006 was the first gay podcast to crack the iTunes top 10 podcasts with his empowering message of self love, sexual freedom and fun which ran for over a decade. At this same time he created and produced the first drag queen rap group La’Mady. Long before drag queens rapping was commonplace on RuPauls Drag Race Jonny created albums of it with stars of the underground NYC scene including Peppermint, the legendary club queen Kevin Aviance and vogue ball room icons like Princess Extravaganza. Jonny continued his series of firsts as part of the original cast of the very first all LGBTQ sketch comedy television show “Big Gay Sketch Show” handed picked by executive producer Rosie O’Donnell along side Kate McKinnon and Coleman Domingo. In 2010 Jonny moved to Hollywood where he released his hit album and music videos for “The Gayest Of All Time” including the million viewed viral hits “Sexy Nerd” and “Dickmatized” and current Tiktok Trend “Man Areas” In Hollywood  he teamed up with Powermedia studios to create “Hey Qween”- the gayest talk show of all time.. With “Hey Qween” Jonny  once again took on a hetero archetype -the late night comedy talkshow- and gave it the gayest makeover possible infusing it with a queer POV,, lap dancers and discovering trans drag queen Lady Red Couture and casting her as his co host. “Hey Qween” became THE place for LGBTQ stars to come and tell their stories starting with RuPaul himself and trans icon Calpernia Addams and later as the stars of drag went from the underground to the mainstream became a destination for the stars of Drag Race to give the audience the tea and the full story of heir experience. His song “Man Areas” became his biggest hit when it became a viral TikTok sound in 2022 gaining over 22 million streams on Spotify, Jonny created, directed, hosted and produced the #1 hit reality competition show “Gogo For The Gold” for 2 seasons on OUTtv.  After a hiatus “Hey Qween” new episodes of Hey Qween can be found on WOW PRESENTS PLUS  and his new podcast “Jonny McGovern Is Gay AF”  produces new episodes weekly.   Plus you can find exclusive new podcasts every week  exclusively  at



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